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Rules Of Conduct And Reporting Undesirable Behavior


We want everyone at FluXus to feel safe and respected. To ensure this, rules of conduct have been drawn up and options for reporting undesirable behavior.

Basic rules of conduct

The basic rules below have been translated to the situation at FluXus and apply specifically to (the work in) this sector. They apply to members of competent authorities, management, staff, volunteers, tenants and (parents/guardians/guardians of) students of arts centers.

  1. You do not abuse your power in the form of artistic-pedagogical, physical, psychological, knowledge or numerical predominance or of the whatever principle.

  2. Sexual acts and sexual relationships between staff or tenants and underage students are not permitted and are considered sexual abuse.

  3. You don’t discriminate!

  4. You are accountable for your attitude and behavior.

  5. You only touch each other if this touch is functional in the context of art education. Functional touches such as posture and breathing corrections, when using instruments, tools, etc. are preceded by the announcement of the touch with an explanation of the ‘why’. Please note: here too, personal boundaries determine what feels uncomfortable and is desirable or undesirable.

  6. You do not invade someone else’s personal life beyond what is functional. (Necessary based on the jointly stated goal and from the perspective of art education.)

  7. You treat each other respectfully.

  8. You adhere to these rules of conduct and ensure that others also comply with them.

Report unwanted behavior

Whether you are a student, visitor, employee, volunteer, artist, teacher or tenant: at FluXus you feel safe and respected. If this is not the case, we sincerely hope that you will report this. Especially if you have to deal with behavior such as:

  • Aggression;

  • Discrimination;

  • Bullying;

  • Racism;

  • Sexual harassment.

What can you do?

Do you experience unwanted behavior, or do you see this happening? Make it negotiable:

Indicate your limits – Do you experience undesirable behavior? Mention this to the person who exhibits this behavior. Sometimes she/he/them is not aware that the behavior is undesirable for others. You always have the right to set your own boundaries.

Discuss it with someone at FluXus – Do you find it difficult to address someone personally, or do you feel unheard? Then discuss the behavior with your contact person at FluXus. Together you will then choose next steps. This does not always have to be a formal notification immediately. Also look at the rules of conduct: does the behavior conflict with the joint agreements? If necessary, FluXus will request advice from external specialists.

Report it to someone outside FluXus

FluXus also has an external confidential counselor who you can contact if you find it difficult to contact someone within FluXus. This confidential counselor offers a listening ear and can help you with any next steps. Integrity is paramount and your contact is of course confidential. Following your call, a professional and trained confidential counselor will be contacted who will contact you as soon as possible.

Submit a complaint

Are you dissatisfied with the state of affairs and have you raised this with FluXus? View the full complaints procedure in the PDF .

Enforcement policy

  • If a nuisance is caused, people will be confronted by management,

  • staff/volunteers or teachers

  • If they refuse to cooperate, the police will be called in, who will handle the incident further.

  • We always report to the police in the event of a report. transgressive behavior, theft,

  • destruction or violence

  • In serious cases, the management of FluXus reports it to the police


General complaints

If you have a complaint of a general nature, for example agreements made as a tenant or about the rented space, please report this to your contact person at FluXus. If you as a student have a complaint, for example about the lessons, please contact the teacher first.

If you cannot reach an agreement, you can contact FluXus via info@fluxus.nl . Your story will be carefully reviewed and presented to the right person within FluXus and an attempt will be made to find a solution.

Confidential advisor for employees and volunteers

The external confidential counselor of FluXus is arranged through Arboned. The permanent confidential counselor is: Ina Duiker, Ina. duiker@arboned.nl /0615832753

General confidential counselor for teachers and students

Mores is the central, joint reporting point for inappropriate behavior for the Dutch cultural and creative sector. This reporting center and the confidential counselors working for it are completely independent. The hotline was initiated by various organizations in the Dutch cultural and creative sector and is for everyone who works in these sectors.

Mores can be reached on telephone number: 088-1119950, or send a message to mores@devertrouwensperson.nl For all information, visit www.mores.online /

Domestic violence hotline

Are you confronted with signs of child abuse at home, a violent or sexual offense or sexually inappropriate behavior at FluXus? It is important that you handle this professionally! Do you suspect domestic violence or one of the other situations described? Do not hesitate and contact an Attention Officer at FluXus. They can – if necessary – help and support the steps to be taken within the reporting code.

At FluXus this is:
Suzanna Kranenburg, Dance Teacher 06 559 70 350 / suusballet@hotmail.com

Attention officers are specially trained and have an advisory role in policy development. In addition, they can coordinate the implementation of the steps if there is a suspicion of child abuse/domestic violence

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