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Theatergroep Odion/Fluxus

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Theatergroep Odion/Fluxus

Odion and FluXus have set up a theater group together. The aim is to offer clients other forms of daytime activities, through which they develop other skills than usual. Odion clients have been working together on theater since 2018.

They learn to act under the guidance of a theater teacher and work towards a theater piece around a relevant theme. They perform with this, for example at the Zaanse Uitmarkt or during a farewell of an Odion employee in the Zaantheater. The participants learn to know and push their own boundaries and possibilities, they listen to each other, perform and thus work on their self-confidence.

They also learn to express themselves in a theatrical way. The theater teacher is crucial for this. This is sought and deployed by FluXus. The clients work in the FluXus theater room and that gives a serious character to the activity.

In addition, Odion and FluXus are further expanding their mutual collaboration to include multiple art disciplines such as visual arts.

Recently the group has been working on the project ‘Andere Koek’, a film full of humorous scenes in which absurd situations alternate. The film screening was on October 29 in the Pasveerzaal of the FluXus music school.

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