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Zaanlands Lyceum
meets FluXus


Collaboration arises from different perspectives, thoughts or goals. If you continue to listen to each other’s needs and ideas and continue to look together for solutions to the issues you encounter, a collaboration will grow into something you could not have imagined in advance. For example, Katrine van Klaveren, CKV coordinator at the Zaanlands Lyceum, called an old acquaintance at FluXus, Linda Willemszoon, to find out what FluXus could mean for the students of the Zaanlands Lyceum this school year. At the time, Linda had no idea how big this project would become…


One of the objectives of the CKV subject is to build a bridge between school and the cultural world outside school. In addition, lockdowns and other measures make it less possible and students are falling behind socially. ‘That is why it is good for students to be taught somewhere else, in an environment other than school, in a professional environment,’ says Katrine. ‘And I saw opportunities for art teachers from our network’, because they are also having a hard time at this time, says Linda, ‘many art teachers would like to work with young people, but it can be difficult to realize this on your own. I was able to kill two birds with one stone: offer Katrine workshops at FluXus in-house and art teachers the opportunity to realize those workshops.’

‘One of the objectives of the CKV subject is to build a bridge between school and the cultural world outside school’ 
– Katrine –


And it works out well. According to Katrine, the students now experience FluXus as a living room and feel safe and welcome. ‘I notice that they really take care of this environment and feel responsible for it.’ Linda adds that it took some time for FluXus employees to get used to it; large groups of teenagers on the floor. ‘In our building this mixes with seniors, but also with toddlers. That’s nice to see; how all these very different groups interact with each other.’

‘Adolescents, seniors and toddlers mix in our building’
– Linda –


‘Everyone has to experience it and get used to it,’ says Katrine, ‘even as an art teacher, you suddenly have to deal with 30 students in the room. Some art teachers find that quite difficult, but then we work with them as school teachers. In this way we actually end up in a kind of co-teaching with each other. You have to coordinate that carefully! Because the art teacher has the leading role.’ Linda: ‘My colleague Gina and I are a fantastic combination; she the more practical side and I the substantive side. We are going more and more in depth in terms of content, we have added more art disciplines and we have started alternating between short and long lessons, getting to know each other and delving deeper. By brainstorming in advance with Katrine and her colleague Connie Duiven, we achieve good coordination.

‘We are at the beginning of something new.’
– Katrine –


If they had known everything in advance, would they have handled it differently? Maybe, maybe not… Linda and Gina from FluXus first thought: organizing! Katrine and Connie from Zaanlands thought: location! All feel urgency, have started and encountered obstacles along the way. It has been quite difficult at times, but they have continued to talk and solve problems together. Art teachers are also fully involved. Katrine: ‘It is precisely the input from different perspectives that makes collaboration very educational. We are at the beginning of something new and this really must be continued!’

Katrine van Klaveren (left) and Linda Willemszoon



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