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All primary schools in the municipality of Zaanstad can use a FluXus Culture Expert: an independent advisor with broad knowledge of cultural education. This is financed by the municipality of Zaanstad. Together with you, the Culture Expert shapes cultural education that fits the vision and principles of the school.

Based on the culture route (pdf), you and your Culture Expert determine how you want to organize cultural education at your school. We distinguish three major steps that the school is taking on the culture route:

  1. Knowing why: good cultural education starts with knowing what you as a school want to achieve for the students. The Culture Expert supports you, your management and your team in determining your vision and course for cultural education.
  2. Conscious choice: you know what you want and consciously choose cultural programs and providers to realize this. Does what you want not yet exist? Then you look at possibilities for co-creation together with the Culture Expert.
  3. Continue to learn: if you require more expertise on a specific subject or more support, ask your Culture Expert about workshops, training and other training options for yourself and the team.


Want to know more about the Culture Route? Inquire with the ICC person at your school or email the education team for the culture expert for your school.


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